Nationality, Documentation, and Statelessness in Syria

This section of the toolkit contains information about issues of statelessness, civil registration and nationality in Syria. It informs the user about the mechanisms for acquiring nationality and accessing civil registration inside Syria. It also presents key information about the various profiles of stateless refugee that may be found among the refugees.

This background knowledge is essential for those working on addressing or preventing cases of statelessness among refugees displaced from Syria in the host countries. It may also be useful for advocacy with authorities, where an understanding of the full situation of the displaced that come from Syria, their profiles and what documents they may have, will be needed.

The section contains:

  • Syrian nationality law: providing details on some of the most important components of Syrian nationality law, explaining how an individual can acquire or lose Syrian nationality.
  • Stateless populations in Syria: explains what stateless populations already exist in Syria that may be found among the displaced populations, why they are stateless, their situation in Syria before the conflict, and any recent developments regarding their status.
  • Syria’s civil registration system: focuses on the most relevant civil registration systems (birth, marriage and divorce procedures), giving information on the different steps and the requirements that have to be fulfilled.
  • Documents issued in Syria: gives information on the different documents that a Syrian or stateless person from Syria may possess, who can acquire the specific document and what legal standing they have in Syria.
  • Non-state actor issued documents: provides basic information about the emerging challenge of dealing with documentation issued in Syria by non-state actors.


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