Relevant organisations

Organisations that carry out legal aid or counselling to navigate the civil registration procedures:


United Nations Compound, Airport Road, Erbil, Iraq

+964 7719945695

Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC)

+964 7512491204


Country Office, English Village
Villa 366 Erbil 

+964 7508688822


Nohadra Quarter, Close to Korek Co. Jeen Street 32/4,
Dohuk AB

+964 627619837


92 Khak St, Sulaymaniyah

+964 533206703


Dohuk, KRO road, close to Sheelan Hospital, Shirin Street n.2

+964 7512389252

There are also several clusters and inter-organisational systems that seek to share information and work together on issues in the refugee context. Relevant coordination mechanisms include the Child Protection Cluster.

Please note that the contact details provided were last updated on 15 November 2016.

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