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Birth and marriage registration

This section briefly describes the steps for registering births and marriages among refugees from Syria in Jordan. The registration procedures mostly mirror those for any person living in Jordan The information in this section is by no means exhaustive, but aims to give a brief overview and highlight tools which provide more comprehensive information.

This explains the full procedures, however with refugees we do not encourage any Syrian refugees to register with the Syrian Embassy 

Birth Registration

Any foreigner in Jordan must complete three steps in order to register the birth of a child – see diagram below. The main obstacles to completing the process are lack of awareness of the steps that need to be taken and inability to fulfil the requirements for registration.


Marriage Registration

Any foreigner in Jordan has to complete the same procedure to register a marriage – see diagram below. If the parties to the marriage are below 17 (for the women) or 18 (for the man), a special permit is needed from the Sharia court. The main obstacles to completing the registration process are lack of awareness of the required steps and not having the required documents.

Further reading

On civil registration procedures in Jordan, obstacles to registration and potential solutions to these problems:

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